Our Perfect Caregiver Match Program
We listen to you and your needs and have you and your family participate in the selection of the right caregiver.

Arrival Assurance Accountability System™ 

Special patented time keeping system where all caregivers must check in and out from their clients home phone.  Many of our Clients have memory issues, some have formal diagnoses of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  In our highly mobile society, families are spread across the country.  Since many out-of-town family members participate in the payment of our services, we want to assure them that our Caregivers are arriving and departing at the agreed upon times.  In essence, we want to assure our Clients and families that they are getting what they are paying for.

Arrival Assurance telephony system is a web-based, password protected monitoring program that provides that assurance.  Caregivers simply call TeleTrack when they arrive and depart from a Client’s home by dialing a toll-free number and entering their 4-digit ID code.

Arrival/Departure status is recorded with touch tone input.  The TeleTrack Caller ID feature automatically verifies that the Caregiver is calling from the Client’s home telephone. The Teletrack screen matches actual and scheduled arrival activity in real time.  Late Caregiver arrivals create an alert.  Each alert results in a text message to our phones and an email message to our office.

When an alert is sent, it allows us to check on the Caregiver’s arrival status or send a replacement. This system allows Tender Hearts at Home to assure our Client’s that we are aware of our Caregivers arrival status.

The TeleTrack system is provided exclusively to Tender Hearts at Home through our membership in The Senior’s Choice.  
Web-Based Easy View Schedule®
Your family can see your own personal,password-protected confidential web page with the schedule of care and caregivers.

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