Noticeably Different Senior Care ℠ for Cincinnati South Dayton and Northern Kentucky

3 Steps to a Successful Start

1. The Assessment by a Tender Hearts Nurse

The first step in our process is a Free In-Home Assessment where care will be rendered. During the meeting we learn about you, your family, and the type of care your family member needs. We also answer any questions you may have related to senior care options. If appropriate, we will work with you to build an in-home care plan for your loved one.

2. Caregiver Selection

The second step in the process is selecting a caregiver. When selecting a caregiver we consider several characteristics. First, we evaluate the clinical skills required for your family member. Second, we evaluate the “demeanor” of the caregiver we choose. We have learned that some people bond better with caregivers that are “soft spoken” or “laid back.” Other people thrive with “energetic” and “outgoing” caregivers. Finally, we consider long term availability of the caregiver. We always try to minimize the number of different people your family member needs to work with. Consistency typically equals success!

3. Personal Meet & Greet Introduction

The third step is the personal introduction. Introductions provide our caregiver and your family with the best chance of bonding at the most critical point of service…the start.

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