Partnerships in Motion:  A Renaissance in Aging™ shifts the paradigm of aging from decline and diminishment to inspiration, partnership and contribution.

It seems that in today’s society, we not only fear aging but dread it.  There is an aging paradigm out there, which has been only half the story, consisting of Elders, family caregivers and age related services.  At its worst, this paradigm includes Elders who are marginalized and failing in some way, family caregivers who are outnumbered and in self sacrifice and stress, and the age related industries that are struggling to keep up with the consequences and demands of an aging population.  In this paradigm, Elders are cared for but they are not viewed as being integral to our society, or contributing much that is valuable.  This is only a partial story, and gives a very limited view of what is actually going on with respect to aging.

There is a mighty wave of welcome change that is coming for all things aging.  VistaLynk Solutions, (Cincinnati, OH) a company dedicated to vibrancy in aging and Phoenix Possibilities (Asheville, NC), a company who designs community-based behavioral change models, teamed with Elders to create a program that highlights the possibilities in aging.  Partnerships in Motion: a Renaissance in Aging™ is an uplifting and educational program consisting of an integrated film and workbook.  The film uses both a hosted teaching component along with a range of dynamic aging individuals and their partners – be they friends, family or the organizations for which they work – to explore what makes a satisfying, rich, purposeful experience of older age; not only for the aging person, but for all those in relationship to them.  

So, what is it that allows some people to age while keeping their vitality and joy alive?  It was discovered that each of the Elders interviewed and their partners practiced the same six inner skills to make their partnerships healthy, workable, and enjoyable.  The partnerships in the film are a dynamic, living example of what is possible within aging.  Corresponding workbook exercises allow the participant to explore how to bring these skills alive in one’s own life, creating a personal renewal that will in turn cause a community-wide renaissance in aging.

The Partnerships in Motion program is easily facilitated in community groups, businesses, or at home. 

Partnerships in Motion speaks to individuals of all ages who are interested in approaching their own aging with vitality and grace as well as those who would like to better their existing partnership with an Elder-be it a parent, and employee, or a client.  

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