A critical component to a senior citizen maintaining good physical as well as mental health is to get out of the house and enjoy the outside world on a regular basis. The care providers can play a vital role, especially when accompanying the senior on any type of outing. Of course, special care needs to be taken on any excursion, especially if the senior is afflicted with a medical condition. So what are some steps that the care provider should take to ensure maximum safety?

First of all, if transporting the senior in the care provider’s vehicle, the care provider should be sure that the vehicle is safe and properly insured and, if necessary, accommodates any special need that a senior may have such as the use of a wheel chair. And if the senior requires equipment to assist with mobility such as walker, that it be taken on the trip and be used only in areas where the senior can maneuver safely. For example, a hike on a rocky trail would not be advisable for use with such equipment.

Also, a carefully planned itinerary should be made up before the trip. It should be determined where the senior needs to go and what activities need to take place, such as grocery shopping or a trip to the pharmacy. This is especially true if the senior only gets out on an irregular basis and much needs to be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Careful planning by an in-home care professional will ensure that nothing important is forgotten and could even leave time for some leisure activities like dining or a casual stroll in the park.

Finally, it is very important to keep the senior away from potentially dangerous situations, such as extreme temperatures or areas where rough terrain or other hazards could be present. Also, the care provider should be certain that all necessary medical needs, such as oxygen or prescription medications are brought along. And if the excursion could involve any extra exertion, such as a larger amount of walking than the senior is accustomed to, or climbing steep flights of stairs, that the senior’s health indicates that he or she is up to the task. It is also important to monitor the senior closely to make sure they aren’t under any undue stress. An outing can be a pleasurable experience for the senior as long as proper precautions are taken by the caregiver.

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