It has been said that old age has its perks. For those of us who are already there and dealing with it, old age might not feel quite so perky. The aches and pains and common ailments of old age constantly remind us of ‘The Good Old Days’ when everything was fresh and new – especially our joints. While nuisances like poor eyesight, poor circulation, and arthritis are generally reserved for those of advanced age, there are also some advantages to being a member of the senior population of society. There are a number of discounts available to people ages fifty five and older than people of a lesser age are not entitled to. Here’s a look at how some merchants put a brighter side on getting older by offering special deals to senior citizens.


Most restaurants offer a senior citizen’s discount to patrons aged fifty five and older. This discount is applied to the total cost of their meal, excluding tips. The percentage of the discount varies between establishments, with most offering a twenty percent discount. While these types of discounts are offered most every day, each establishment may have certain days of the week set aside where deeper discounts or even free meal vouchers for seniors apply.

Travel and Public Transportation

Most every city in the United States that has a mass transit system also has a special rate for their senior patrons. Some fares for public transportation are discounted as much as fifty percent while fares in other cities may be completely free of charge. In order to ride public transportation at the discounted rates, most systems require you to have a discount card, which can be easily obtained by calling your local mass transit office for more information. Fares for vacation and business travel are also offered at a greatly discounted rates by many of the major airlines. Amtrak also offers senior discounts for patrons utilizing their transit system. Travel related discounts also apply to hotel reservations. By asking for a senior discount at the time of making a reservation, seniors can save, in some instances, up to fifty percent off the price of their stay.

Education Discounts

Perhaps the best perk offered to the senior population is free tuition at colleges and universities. The course of study can be anything from one or two classes as a hobby, all the way to a four year degree. The age of qualification varies from state to state. Some colleges offer free tuition beginning at age fifty five while others do not until the age of sixty five. Contact your local campus for their specific guidelines.