Amazing. You can write from your iPhone directly to your blog or website. The application to do this is free at Let us know what you think of our CareBlog or website. Any content you’d like to see? Just let us know. We value your feedback. We are excited about several new care programs that we launched this month. Have you seen Safe Senior calls? We have a free trial for anyone you know who may be in need of wellness checks or medication reminders. And it is FREE. Click the logo below to sign someone up you know that you’re concerned about. We’ll call and verify the information and get them started with 48 hours.

If you’d like to be a contributor to our blog on aging and issues facing families with aging or disabled loved ones, send us an email!


1 Comment on If you use an iphone you can write from your iphone to your blog

  1. karley aneshansel says:

    so I think its great to have this work on the iphone. But can we make an app for blackberry too