One of our Caregivers sent this Virginia Nursing Blog to me and in it I found a link to what looks like an interesting Book “Please get to Know Me”  Have any of you read this Book?


Mabel died today. Minutes later, a nurse hurried down the hall carrying two old books. She stopped and excitedly showed me what the staff found when they cleaned Mabel’s room. She held up books on physics. “Mabel wrote them! Can you believe that? I never knew she wrote anything.”

We had cared for Mabel for six years, but none of us staff knew she had written any books. When she came to us, Mabel was already afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. We later learned that Mabel had been a prominent physicist.

As I listened to the nurse, I thought, Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Mabel could have enjoyed our expressions of respect, awe, and admiration? Now it was too late.

That true story isn’t an isolated instance. Too often the nursing home staff learn about residents from reading the obituaries. The individual life stories never make it to the direct care staff, even if it had been reported to social workers on admission. The story had been diluted to minimum facts on a fill-in sheet at the back of the chart under the Social Service tab.

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