Living far from your loved one can complicate matters, but it is possible to take a healthy, active role in caregiving wherever you live. All you need to do is follow a few tips:

Get Informed

Ask tough questions. Discuss the long-term care plan, the contingency plan, and the specifics on individual family member roles and responsibilities.
Find Out What Their Current Needs Are
Do they feel safe? What chores do they need help with? Needs determine the care decisions your family has to make.
Free Needs Assessment
Tender Hearts will perform an Assessment at No Charge with one of our Nurses. This helpful resource gives you a clear picture of the issues your loved one may have.
Call a Family Meeting
Consult your elder loved one about who to invite to this meeting. Find out who they want helping make decisions about their care.
Document and Organize
Put together a file of all their medical information. Include names/contact information for all treating physicians, current prescriiptions, surgeries, medical diagnoses, durable power of attorney, living will and all advance directions. Be selective in distributing the information within the family and be sure your parents retain control over access to their information.
Always Remain Involved
No matter how far away you live, there are always ways you can help. Ask the primary caregiver what you can do, and then do it. Try to support them as much as you can and appreciate the fact they they’re doing the best job they can.