Seniors can easily fall victim to financial, physical, and psychological abuse by their care provider. In fact, statistics show that they often do. Much thought and research should go into the hiring of an in-home care provider. The choices are many and the consequences of making the wrong choice can be serious. The first thing to consider is whether to hire a private caregiver or an agency.

Private vs. Agency

While hiring a private caregiver may seem the most economical choice, the legal implications are often overlooked. According to IRS and Labor Law rules, a private caregiver falls under the category of “household employee” and the person hiring the caregiver is, by law, an “employer”. This means that they assume all of the obligations that a normal employer assumes.

Full-Employment Agency vs. Independent Contractors

In order to pass on a lower cost to their clients, some agencies hire “Independent Contractors”, thereby seemingly bypassing those “employer obligations” cited earlier. However, while this may appear to be a simple way to keep costs low, it does nothing more than to shift the employer obligations from the agency to the person receiving care.

Other important differences to look for:

Thorough background checks, excellent training programs, caregiver supervision by qualified personnel, and close attention to client safety are some of the traits that separate Tender Hearts from any other care provider in Cincinnati.

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Tender Hearts at Home provides in-home care to seniors throughout the Cincinnati Area, helping them to continue living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Services include companion care, assistance with bathing and grooming, meal preparation, errand running, personal transportation, and more. Tender Hearts provides the perfect answer for seniors both at home or in an independent living arrangement in a facility but need support to remain independent. For more information about Tender Hearts at Home, visit our website at: or call us at 513-234-0805

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