It’s a tough economy right now…no doubt.

With jobs being lost daily, it’s a fact that most Americans are holding back on their spending. And that’s a good thing to a degree. Unfortunately, the immediate impact is to exacerbate the already plunging economy. But the uncertainty in everyone’s mind will continue for awhile, so we’re going to have to get used to the bumpy road ahead.

So what does this mean if you have an elder in your life who is requiring more and more of your attention and care? I think many people are “stepping up to the plate” and attempting to save money by helping their elder-in-need themselves. The problem becomes … are you really saving money or is it truly costing you more when you add up your time commitment, the stress involved, and perhaps the lost time from your family and job?

Of all the things to consider “investing” in, the care for your elder loved one may be and should be a priority. It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind one gets from knowing that there is someone providing top notch care to their loved one while they can continue to attend to their life, family and business.

We, at Tender Hearts at Home Senior Care, continue to play a major part in families needing elder care at home. All of our clients appreciate the fact that their elder is receiving the same quality care that they themselves would provide. The difference is they still remain the “son or daughter” as opposed to the “caregiver.” That means they can continue with their life and when they do get to see their elder — it’s quality time. Hard to put a price on that notion.


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