Dear Clients, Referral Partners, and Employees:

Choosing a homecare provider for your loved one or someone you care about can be a stressful decision.  When faced with many choices in agencies, it is sometimes difficult to know why one is better than another.  We are excited to share with you the news that Tender Hearts Senior Care was recently honored with a “Best of Home Care” award!

What does it mean to win a “Best of Home Care” Award?  Simply put, a “Best of Home Care” award means that we have proven that we care about quality in both our client and employee interactions.

It is important to us that we truly go beyond making statements about “quality and satisfaction” and put them into action. We wanted to share this exciting news with you and hope that it helps you understand how much we care about your experience and your loved one’s quality of life.

To find out more about the Home Care Pulse Certification, please visit

To find out more about the “Best of Home Care” award or Home Care Pulse, please visit

All the Best,

Dan Lynch

CEO/Director of Client Services