The improved care team communication between Tender Hearts staff, client families and care partners will keep the company’s clients living independently for as long as possible.

Tender Hearts at Home, Inc. is excited to announce its deployment of its EasyView Portal, a web-based system that transforms the way the home care agency shares information with its client families and care partners.

Tender Hearts at Home is the first agency in Cincinnati to make this system available to its care teams. The agency’s quick adoption of the communicative EasyView system is another example of Tender Hearts at Home leadership role in home care and its commitment to extending clients’ independence through the use of innovative technologies.

“EasyView gives us a secure platform that improves how we collaborate with the many partners involved in supporting our clients’ independence. The key to the EasyView approach in creating this connectivity for our agency is the system’s simplicity and its ability to meet the preferences of each of our partners.  Our families and care partners can quickly access the information they want in just the way they need it. We know that families need – and now expect – information in ways that complement their busy lifestyles.  EasyView gives us the tool that we need to meet this preference for information and in doing so unifies our entire care team,” remarked Dan Lynch, Owner and President of Tender Hearts at Home.

The system enables Tender Hearts at Home to create stronger care teams by providing all of its partners with the up to date information they need to best support the company in accomplishing the shared goal of continued independence for its clients. Families of Tender Hearts at Homes’ clients will have their own on-line accounts through which they can securely view and react to assessments, care plans, visit summaries, and other materials shared by Tender Hearts that not only provide peace of mind to the clients’ families, but also enables them to remain proactive in working with Tender Hearts to support their loved ones’ independence.

In turn, families can add their own content, ensuring the Tender Hearts team has all the information it needs to fully meet the specific needs of the families.

The wide-range of community care partners that Tender Hearts works with to support their clients independence also will enjoy timely access to the information they need to best play their role in supporting the company’s elderly clients. Partners, such as social workers, conservators, case managers and discharge planners, will enjoy a portal experience configured to their specific needs.

To schedule a free assessment from Tender Hearts at Home, Inc. please contact Dan Lynch at 513-234-0805.