The clients and the families that we are working with have a number of benefits.

Among many of the benefits to choosing Tender Hearts at Home Senior Care are the following:

  • Apart from a caregiver being able to assist in daily activities; bathing, cooking and other tasks, our caregivers establish a special relationship and have companionship with your loved one. It’s the “One-on-One” Care that makes what we do special.
  • Caregivers will make your loved one feel more secure since the caregiver is part of a multidisciplinary care team prepared to assist your love one and it can also be the connection between the client and family members or friends.
  • Being able to stay in their own homes can prevent the start of many cognitive disorders. Being surrounded by things that are familiar to the client helps to keep memories and recall events or loved ones. So choosing for in-home care will help your loved one to remain stable and to increase cognitive and mental awareness.
  • In-home caregivers are available to provide support when family is unable to make time due to constraints on their schedules. Families may be unavailable through the day because of obligations at their work, therefore, through-the-day care can be provided by in-home caregivers and the family members can offset this care through periodic visits through the week, into the evening.
  • Nowadays families face a tight routine and caregivers can provide support to your loved one. Due to all the obligations a family could have during the day a caregiver can take care of the needs of our loved one.

The former are only a few of the benefits which Tender Hearts at Home Senior Care can provide for you and your loved one.

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