Living with any form of Arthritis can be very bothersome for people who suffer from it. Arthritis is described as an inflammation of the joints, which stems from different conditions such as infection or trauma. It can be classified as: Rheumatoid, Psoriatic, Septic or Osteoarthritis. Although there are different forms of Arthritis, pain is usually found in all the variants of the disease. Many patients report feeling stiffness and pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but typically, pain appears in the later stages of the disease. It is believed that Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by a faulty immune system, which attacks its own body tissues. In Psoriatic Arthritis, people experience swelling and initiates as a skin problem. Septic Arthritis sufferers experience chills, fever, and joint pain caused by infection of the joints.

Many people affected with Arthritis are mostly elderly females who complaint of tiredness, weight loss, sleeping problems, muscle weakness, and loss of flexibility.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Arthritis, but people who suffer from it can live a better quality of life with the proper treatments available depending on the type of Arthritis as well as the progression of the disease. There is evidence that physical therapy improves the function of the joints, decreases pain, delays surgery, and it is preferred over medication. In terms of Over-the-Counter Medication, there is a great variety of pain relieving creams that can be applied to the skin of the affected areas. Acetaminophen is also available over the counter, but a prescription is necessary for higher doses. In addition to this, Alternative Therapies like Meditation and Relaxation haven proven to be also effective against the pain experienced by people with Arthritis. Finally, Prescription Medication is another line of treatment utilized in the battle against this disease: Narcotics, Corticosteroids, and Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatoid Drugs are a few of them. Coping with Arthritis takes great courage for those who suffer from it, but luckily many of the symptoms can be managed with the administration of treatments.