As the owner or administrator of a private duty, non-medical home care company, we are constantly looking for ways to grow your business and get ready for the future.

Home care research conducted by Private Duty Today shows that if you can get the best quality caregivers, you can get the clients.  In today’s market, the savvy consumer needs to know you’re going the extra mile to ensure the safety and happiness of their loved ones.  The home care company that hires and retains the best quality caregivers wins in the marketplace.

The Caregiver Quality Assurance program utilized at Tender Hearts is designed help select the very best caregivers…and it is part of our Selection process. It is a thorough 7 step process including fingerprinting, personality and attitudes assessments, driving record check, mandatory drug screening, and more.

You deserve the best for your families….and you can trust us to deliver.


Dan & Tim Lynch, Owners