If you are a family caregiver to an elderly parent, you know that you need a break now and then.  Senior care can be very demanding on adult children, especially if they are working outside of the home and have children still living at home.  It can be even more difficult as the elderly parent gets older and begins to lose cognitive abilities.  You may have trouble getting them to take their medication or to take care of themselves and they may feel despondent over having to rely on children who they once cared for themselves. 

One way to get the help you need in the Cincinnati area is to use our home health care services.  A care provider can give you respite care in several different ways. 

If your elderly parent or parents are still living in their own home, you may worry about their safety, if they are taking their medications properly and if they are eating.  When you hire live-in care, these professionals can help your parents with basic chores, make sure they take their medication, provide them with transportation, cook and even do light housekeeping.  If need be, the care provider can also help them with bathing and dressing.  This can give you a break a few days a week or however often you choose. 

Another way to get respite care is to get daily Personal Care.  In this case, the care provider does not spend the night in the home, but comes in to check on those who are in the home.  You can even get a senior caregiver to come to your own home.  They can give you a break from the day to day care of your elderly parent or parents if you have them living with you. 

Adult day care is yet another way that you can use a senior care provider.  This can get your elderly parent or parents out of the house and socializing on a regular basis and give you a break 

In Cincinnati our elder care providers can make sure older people are taking their medication, can transport them to the store or doctor, can make sure they are eating healthy foods, help them with washing or dressing and even do light housekeeping for them. 

If you live in the Cincinnati or Mason Ohio areas, look for options for taking care of your elderly parents such as home care provider services such as ours.  This enables older people to stay at home and gives caregivers respite.  If you have siblings who also take care of mom or dad, you should discuss the possibility of getting a Cincinnati caregiver in to help out with caring for your parents.  

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