You probably know of few elderly people stuck in their houses due to the housing crisis. In fact, there are thousands of elderly people who cannot move into a residential home for seniors, because they have been unable to sell their houses, therefore they cannot afford the deposit required by residential homes, which fluctuates from $ 100,000 to $500,000. An article published by The New York Time states that some houses have been in the market for over a year without receiving any offers, mainly due to the recession.

In-home elderly care guarantees esenior people that they can stay in their home for the period of time they need to stay there or as long as they want to. Figures demonstrate that 89% of elderly people prefer to stay in their homes rather than moving into a residential home for seniors. Whether elder people are waiting to move into a residential home for seniors or they want to stay at home a caregiver could be the perfect solution.

It is a very important decision to sell one´s house, specially for seniors , when the money is to afford their own care. Elderly people will usually feel scared about the fact that they cannot go back to their home after moving into an assisted facility. An option for seniors to stay at home and able to pay for the costs of a caregiver is a reverse mortgage. There are some home care benefits for US Veterans or their spouses provided by the Veteran´s Administration where the users pay $ 1,949 approx., per month. If you wish to know more about this benefit, please contact your local home care assistance.

A reasonable option is to hire a caregiver, because their service will adjust to the senior’s needs, i.e., one can choose from an hourly-based service to a live-in service and even then both options are flexible and can vary according to the senior´s changes. As said before 89% of elder people would rather stay at home and just few people would prefer to sell their houses to move into a residential facility for seniors, the most appealing option then, would be to hire an in-home elderly care service, even if it involves considering a reverse mortgage to afford the costs, there is no place better than home.

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