Welcome to Tender Hearts at Home Senior Care. Here we’ll tell you how Tender Hearts at Home goes about hiring caregivers….VERY carefully.

We have one of the most rigorous caregiver screening systems in the home care industry.  First of all, before we even consider a caregiver for an interview, the caregiver MUST have caregiving experience….generally at least 3 years….and many are certified Home Health Aides and State Trained Nurses Aides.

Second, the applicant must be able to speak clear and understandable English.  If they have the required experience, we invite them to our office for an interview.

In the interview, we ask them about their experiences in caregiving and pose hypothetical scenarios to get their reactions.  “How would you handle this situation” “What would you do if this happened”.

In this process we want to find the candidates who have a TRUE calling for caregiving.  They’re compassionate, skilled, and dependable.  We show the door to those who just want a paycheck.

The next step is the criminal background check, both local and national, including fingerprinting via the state of Ohio Webcheck system.  Then social security checks, DMV record checks then prior employer and personal reference checks.

We also give them a PHD generated personality and cognitive screening for honesty and conscientiousness.  This screening is designed specifically for caregivers and is a certification for Caregiver Quality known as CQA…Certified Caregiver Quality Assurance.

Passing this test is MANDATORY and you only get ONE try.

Before their first assignment, our qualified caregivers attend a thorough orientation where we completely discuss our mission, values, and extensive policies and procedures.  They then are presented with their name badge, uniform, and Tender Hearts at Home tote bag and vehicle identification magnet.

The entire process from initial application to selection and orientation generally takes 2 or more weeks.

Tender Hearts at Home only hires the BEST and we keep them on our team to provide the highest quality caregiver services in the Home Care industry.

Thank you for your interest in Tender Hearts at Home. You can reach us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 513-234-0805.  Or you can visit us on the web at www.tenderheartsathome.com

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