Mobility is one of the aspects that decay as we grow older. Seniors can feel frustrated by the lack of mobility because they might be unable to perform activities they would like to or maybe their body does not respond to their mind.

Being able to move as one would like to in certain ways defines our independence and not being able to do so can trigger depression, lost in motivation or even circulation problems. If our clients have a reduced mobility we believe it is important to help the seniors feel motivated when dealing with this kind of situation

The first thing to consider is what kind of mobility problem the senior is facing. It could be a temporary mobility issue that will required temporary changes in their lifestyle or it could be a permanent mobility issue that would required permanent changes made to the senior’s routine. Caregivers, when assisting your loved one, will apply different techniques to help the senior overcome their mobility disadvantages.

Once the mobility issue has been classified as temporary or permanent there are some methods to help elderly people that have limited mobility:

  • If the mobility issue is temporary the caregiver will make sure your loved one keeps doing what they need or want to do. Helping them by cooking or to assist them with their daily grooming will help the elderly person not to loose his or her mobility.
  • There are a number of types of equipment that one could use for the seniors own benefit when they have a limited mobility, which is the case of many elderly people. Some of these tools and equipment includes wheel chairs, walkers, ramps, etc. These pieces of equipment will make the senior’s life easier by providing assistance in their lack of mobility.
  • The items mention in the previous point can be of great use for the senior when attending family meetings or running errands. Some wheel chairs and walkers will fold so as to fit in a car. Some cars will have seats that swivel and rise which means that he caregiver could help the client getting in or out of the car without the assistance of a third person.
  • Clients would usually feel frustrated or anxious by their limited mobility but our caregiver will help your loved one to overcome this feelings. Talking to elderly people, giving them information or telling them about support groups would help reduce these levels of anxiety or frustration.

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