Spirituality is an important part of our lives. For many of us, spirituality doesn’t mean worshiping one god or belonging to a particular religion. It can be something as simple as feeling one with the Earth, the universe, or mankind as a whole. Meditation and reflection can heighten our spiritual awareness, if practiced often. However, as spirituality is becoming increasingly associated with organized religion, finding a place in which just to be spiritual often presents a problem. This is especially true for the senior population that generally depends on others to drive them to religious services. They often end up not having a choice when it comes to places of worship.

For senior women living in the Loveland, OH area, Grailville offers a serene atmosphere in which they can feel safe and free to be spiritual. Grailville is the Loveland-based branch of a larger women’s movement called The Grail. It was formed in The Netherlands in 1920 and strives for a world of peace, equality, and renewal of the earth, brought about by women working together for change. The main goal of The Grail is to build the community through workshops, programs, and activities that bring people together in a common search for the Divine in all of us.

The women of Grailville host meetings a few times each week, which focus on re-balancing themselves through meditation, reflection, and contemplation. On Tuesday evenings, they have Eastside Sangha which incorporates mindfulness walking and sitting meditations, followed by a discussion of dharma over tea. This event is held on a monthly basis as well, on the first Sunday following the full moon. There is also a monthly prayer meeting held at The Ark, located at Grailville.

Aside from these scheduled meetings, Grailville, Loveland, also has two labyrinths for walking. Labyrinths date back to 4,500 BC and their spiraling design represent one’s journey into their self. The purpose of walking through labyrinths is to meditate and reflect on one’s inner self during the trip through. One of the labyrinths at Grailville is made of grass, but the smaller one is lined with brick. The brick labyrinth is ideal for seniors who may employ the use of wheel chairs or canes, due to limited mobility. Also located on-site are a coffeehouse and store where visitors can purchase art pieces by local women artists and discuss the exhibits over coffee.

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