Finding things to do to fill in the gaps between daily living tasks can be a problem for some caregivers. After their clients have eaten, bathed, and taken their medications for the day, the time between the next and last task can drag on and on. Boredom begins to set in and moods begin to fall. The monotony of caregiving can take a harsh toll on both care providers and their clients. That’s why scheduling regular outings away from the home is so important. Setting time aside each week -or a couple of times each week – can go a long way in keeping things fresh within the caregiving atmosphere.

For care providers with clients in West Chester, OH, The Square at Union Centre is a great place to go on an outing. The Square is a popular gathering place for citizens from all across the city. Located in the heart of the Union Centre Business District, The Square is highlighted by an ornate clock that rises from the center. Aside from being a community located to just sit and visit, there are regular activities scheduled on four out of seven days each week.

Wednesdays, it’s lunch at The Square. This is when many citizens convene at The Square to have lunch during the noon hour. On Thursday evenings from 5:30pm until 8pm, area musicians share their talents with the community during After Hours at The Square. Saturday mornings are Farmer’s Market time at The Square. The market offers vegetables, meat, flowers, and baked goods. The market is held from 9am until 1pm each Saturday throughout the months of May to October. Sunday afternoons are Family Day at The Square. Jugglers, puppets, and other entertainers will perform for families in The Square between the hours of 1pm and 4pm. Ice cream is also served during Family Day at The Square. Most of the activities in The Square are provided by First Financial Bank, also located at The Square. All of these activities are things that seniors can enjoy with their caregivers. Further, attending events such as these encourages seniors to stay active and engaged in their community, which is very important to their well-being. For more information about events at The Square, caregivers can contact the West Chester Community Services Department at (513) 777-6145.

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