Keeping active with interests and hobbies is important in our senior years for many reasons. As we age, our motor skills aren’t what they used to be. In order to keep them finely tuned, we must perform tasks that utilizes them often. This can be achieved via crafts or other small handiworks. In addition to our motor skills, our cognitive function begins to decline. This can be the precursor for things like the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains need exercise, too. Engaging in a variety of activities on a regular basis not only improves retains cognitive function, but it also strengthens the brain by using both the left and right sides instead of one or the other in doing repetitive tasks. Additionally, staying active is a great way to ward of depression, which is another common illness in the aged population.

One way the caregivers can assure that their senior clients retain a healthy interest in learning and remaining active is to accompany them to classes in the local community. For seniors in the Middletown, OH area, the Middletown Arts Center (MAC) offers a variety of classes that appeal to a broad range of interests and age groups. Most of the classes meet only once a week, with a couple of them having two class days a week.

The ceramics program at the MAC is a seven week course that teaches the fundamentals of ceramics, including both hand and wheel techniques. Drawing classes at the MAC provide students with the basics of drawing in pencil, pastels, and pen & ink. These classes range between four and seven weeks. The Glass Art Jewelry classes teach jewelry making skills such as design, sawing, and soldering. These classes last from four to seven weeks. Other classes offered by the MAC are photography, art history, and painting. For seniors who require a one-on-one class with a personal instructor, those sessions are also available at an hourly rate, which varies with the medium of choice.

Classes like this are great for seniors because, not only are they interacting with new people and trying new things, they are also learning valuable skills that they can take with them and use outside of the classroom. Attending these classes will spark their interest in new hobbies that they can continue to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

Middletown Art Center
130 North Verity Parkway
Middletown, OH

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