Staying active is important at any age. However, seniors have a greater need for activity than most other members of society. As we age, our bodies tend to fall into a pattern of inactivity due to health constraints, which can leave us with a host of other problems, aches, and pains. Using our bodies regularly keeps them toned and stretched, which are both important factors in warding off illness and injury. Physical activity isn’t the only kind that the elderly population needs to partake in on a regular basis. Mental and social activity are just as, if not more, important than the physical kind.

Mental activity involves keeping the brain challenged the way the physical activity would challenge the body. Mental activity is important in keeping cognitive function in top shape. Social activity ensures that seniors and the elderly retain their social skills, which is also very important in advanced age. For care providers and their clients in Mason, OH, one place where the seniors can get all three of these kinds of activities under one roof is the Mason Community Center. The Mason Community Center is a sprawling recreation complex that has a number of features. Some of those features include:

  • State of the art exercise and training equipment
  • A four lane walking track
  • A 161,000 leisure pool and a smaller competitive training pool
  • Exercise studios
  • Arts and Crafts rooms
  • Meeting facilities

What’s especially unique about the Mason Community Center is that it features an entire area of the complex that is dedicated to seniors aged 55 and older. This area of the complex is called the BRIDGE. It offers three separate areas with programs and services designed toward the older population. Some of the amenities in the BRIDGE area of the complex are a lounge, activity area, and billiards room. In this area, services and information are offers for seniors on things like health, fitness, hobbies, recreation, and travel. Programs located in the general areas of the complex may interest seniors as well, such as the whirlpool and arts and crafts area. For seniors, yearly passes to all amenities of the complex cost just $25. Daily passes are also available for those who do not wish to make a yearly commitment. For more information about the center, hours of operation, and the programs being offered, caregivers can contact the center directly.

Mason Community Center
6050 Mason-Montgomery Road

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