The aging process takes a heavy toll on the body as well as the mind. Even if an elderly person’s body remains strong throughout their later years, many times their minds do not. Dementia and Alzheimer’s can render a person completely helpless, even though they have a strong body. The key to warding off the onset of mental deterioration is to use and strengthen the cognitive skills. There are several ways that care providers can look after the mental health of their elderly clients. One of these ways is keeping them engaged in activities that requires the use of cognitive skills.

Preventing the decline in cognitive function in the elderly works in a three-fold way. Prevention is based on maintaining a certain level of physical activity, socializing, and reading. These things, when combined, can greatly improve a senior’s mental health. One way that a care provider can incorporate these things into their care plan is to get their elderly client involved in their local library. Libraries often have book clubs and reading groups that seniors can become involved in. Further, most of them also have materials geared toward the needs of the senior population, such as large print books and magazines.

The best way for reading to improve cognitive function is for the senior to read aloud. If they are too shy to do this in front of a group, care providers can encourage them to do so in the comfort of their own home. Finding topics that seniors are interested in is also very important to ensuring their interest in reading. Long books or detailed novels may not be to their liking and could be too much for their attention spans to absorb. Magazines and newspapers are the perfect substitution. Short books of poetry and prose are also good suggestions.

For caregivers looking for their local library in the Maineville, OH area may contact either of the branches below for further information.

Lebanon Public Library
101 S. Broadway, Lebanon, OH 45036
Telephone: 513-932-2665

Their Website
Salem Township Public Library
535 West Pike St.
Morrow, Ohio 45152
Telephone: 513 899-2588

Their Website

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