One of the first things to fail us in our advanced age is cognitive function. As we get older, we have trouble remembering things more than we did in our youth. While some forgetfulness and memory loss is a normal part of aging, these can also be precursors to things like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In order to keep cognitive skills strong, seniors must use them often and in different ways. It could be by learning a new hobby, playing board games, or just by reminiscing with family, friends, and caregivers.

One great way that caregivers can help seniors in the reminiscing process is to expose them to things from their past. Pictures, letters, places – just anything that may jog their memory about things that happened in their lives. Caregivers and families of elderly loved ones may want to schedule specific outings just for this purpose.

In Lebanon, OH, one way caregivers and families may do this is to take their elderly loved one for a trip on the Lebanon Mason Monroe (LM&M) Railroad. Perhaps the seniors used to ride trains as a child or maybe they traveled by train to visit family members for holidays past. The LM&M Railroad offers a number of different tours and themed trips, but caregivers and families with elderly loved ones can start simple and opt for the one hour ride. During the trip, conductors tell the history of the LM&M Railroad in the area while riders enjoy the scenery passing by the windows. The trip is 4.4mi each way and lasts, of course, one hour.

While there is food available for purchase on the train, there are no other amenities. There are no restrooms on the train and the trains or not heated or air conditioned. Due to the vintage 1930s design of the train, they were not created to be handicapped accessible. Seniors using canes or walkers due to limited mobility should be able to navigate the train with relative ease. However, those who are wheelchair bound will not.

Admission for the one hour ride is $12.50 per person. Presently, the train is only running about one time per week. On the days that it does run, there are two departure times – one at 10am and the other at noon. For more information about the LM&M Railroad and to get tentative scheduling information, care providers can visit the LM&M website, here.

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