If there were two common interests that everyone could share, they would be food and fun. Everyone loves to eat – and everyone loves to have fun. That’s what makes places like Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, OH such a great place. People of all ages can enjoy what it has to offer, which makes Jungle Jim’s the perfect destination for a senior/care provider outing.

Jungle Jim’s International Market can be described in many ways. Originally, Jungle Jim’s began as a small farmer’s market in 1974. Now it is a sprawling complex that covers six acres of floor space. Other attractions were added along the way to create what is now known as the theme park of grocery shopping. Once you approach the entrance to the store, you’re aware that Jungle Jim’s is not your typical grocery store. It has a jungle facade complete with gorillas, lions, waterfalls, and other animatronic attractions. Inside the store there are food displays that incorporate different cultural architectural facades corresponding to the origins of the foods.

Speaking of the foods, Jungle Jim’s is known far and wide for the many varieties of hard to find international food products. There are over 150,000 food products in the store that represent 75 countries. The store averages 50,000 visitors per week, some of which drive in from other states just to shop the varied selection at Jungle Jim’s. Some of the most interesting food displays in the store are:

Hot Sauce Inferno – featuring 950 varieties of hot sauce
The Big Cheese – A giant block of provolone cheese that is aging inside its own box
Honey Table – Features hundreds of varieties of honey
Live Fish Harvest – A biopond stocked with live tilapia, trout, and bass

Some of the other attractions at Jungle Jim’s include:

Band on A Boat – a 40 foot shrimp boat with anamatronic General Mill’s characters that sing 50’s music
Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest
Soup Can Man – sits high above the store on a 17ft swing and calls out to shoppers as they pass below

Jungle Jim’s also offers shopping outlets for items such as cookware and utensils and boutique items such as clothing and jewelry. Adjacent to the supermarket is a newly constructed strip mall that is home to some other retail outlets and services. There is also an events center and theater located within the Jungle Jim’s complex. The store and all its attractions and amenities are handicapped accessible. A senior and their caregiver could spend an entire day at Jungle Jim’s and never see the same thing twice.

For more information:

Jungle Jim’s International Market
5440 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, Ohio
Phone 513-674-6000

Their Website

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