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Whether a senior person is living in his/her own home or in a assisted living accommodation they would always find it helpful to have reminders on when to take their medicine. Our caregivers have got a number of techniques to ensure the clients do not forget to take their medication.

The Use of Medication Alarms

One can get a medication alarm from almost any pharmacy. These devices are like normal alarm clocks. This alarm will go off as many times as set to remind your loved one to take certain medication at a given time. This technique will make feel the elderly person a bit more independent since is up to them to take their medication once the alarm goes off.

Since this medication alarm would not inform the elderly person which medication is to be taken this device is a good method for those that are aware of the medication they have to take once the alarm goes off. So if you think this method would be helpful in your case it can be obtain in almost any pharmacy and at a reasonable price.

Use Daily Medication Organizers

Another effective way to manage what pills and when they should be taken is by using medication organizers. These devices can be helpful to organize daily or even weekly dosages. They can be found in supermarkets, pharmacies or health care solution stores.

These devices will need to be organized and loaded according to the medication the clients needs. Caregivers can help the client to organize and divide the medication into the compartments of these organizers. Together, caregivers and clients can establish a routine to make sure the schedule is accomplished.

Have the Medication Bubble Packed

Another option is to have the pharmacy to pack the medication in the dosages needed, this method is called bubble packs. Patients who in the past have confused, forgotten, or mixed their medication should considered this method since the packages will include dosages for single or multiple dedications per day.  Basically this method will ensure that the medication remains stable.

Associate the Dosage with Daily Activities

A good idea is when clients become able to associate their daily routines to the medications they should be taken. Caregivers can help in this process. For instance some medication should be taken after eating or in some cases the medication should be taken hours after another pill was taken. That is why to associate the medication with your daily activities can help you not to forget or missed important medication.

It can be difficult when taking multiple medications to remember them on a daily basis, so caregivers can take measure to make sure the medication is taken at the correct time in the correct dosage.

By our caregivers assisting elderly persons and their families whether they are at an assisted living facility or home everyone can feel more relaxed because we are there to help.