Just because a senior suffers with limited mobility due to painful joints, disability, or confinement to wheel chairs, canes or walkers – it doesn’t mean they have to limit their choices in activities. There are many things within the community that seniors with limited mobility can still participate in. Of course, they still may need the assistance of a home care provider to handle the driving or to go along as a companion in case of an emergency. Here are some of the ways that seniors can remain active in their communities during periods of limited mobility.

Book Clubs

Book clubs and reading groups are popular offerings at bookstores and local libraries. They are both engaging and entertaining. Seniors can interact with a number of people over the common interest shared in the books they read and the discussions that follow. Most major bookstores and all libraries are handicapped accessible. Seating at these types of venues is also plentiful so the senior doesn’t have to worry about standing around and getting tired.

Attend School Functions

Local high schools and community colleges often host a variety of performances and productions during the academic year. It could be plays, music events, concerts, theater productions, or art presentations. The admission prices are generally very reasonable and the quality of the presentations is high. Being that these performances are held in a school or college setting where students with limited mobility may also assemble, there should not be any accessibility issues for seniors.

Enroll in personal enrichment classes

Many communities offer personal enrichment classes through their parks and recreation departments. These classes can be on virtually any topic, with some of the most common being gardening, computer instruction, cooking techniques, and arts and crafts. Aside from these enrichment classes, field trips to nearby cities and towns for shopping and sightseeing are also often available through these departments.

Check local newspaper listing for senior events

Local community organizations often host regular events geared toward the senior population. This could be anything from an afternoon tea to a singles dance on a particular night of the week. Friendships forged from one of these gatherings could lead to other get togethers being established in the future – like quilt circles, game nights, or other common interest group among seniors in the community.

Home care isn’t just about having “Home Care”.  It is also just as important to leave the home for a good change in scenery, some fresh air and to meet new people.

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