The elderly population of society looks forward to going on outings just like the rest of us do. They enjoy getting outside and interacting with people – perhaps while learning something along the way. Planning an outing with an elderly client doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task for caregivers. There are many simple ways that the care provider can be sure that the trip will go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of the simple ways caregivers can make field trip planning easier on themselves and on their clients.

Choose an appropriate destination

Choosing an appropriate destination is the first step to ensuring the success of the trip. Investigate potential destinations beforehand to see if there will be any issues regarding mobility or accessibility for the senior. Be sure that what the destination offers is compatible with the senior’s abilities. Obviously, a venue that requires climbing stairs wouldn’t be a suitable option for an elder with mobility issues. Know these things up front.

Know your client’s preferences

A client who doesn’t like the outdoors probably wouldn’t want to go to a park. If an elderly client hates shopping or being in crowds, a shopping outing would do more harm than good for both the client and the caregiver. The situations would be stressful for the clients and would, in turn, make the outings frustrating for the care provider. Ask your client what they like to do and take those things into consideration when planning the trip.

Plan the trip around the weather

Extremes in weather conditions can prove hazardous to the elderly population. Being outside on hot, humid days isn’t good for anyone, especially if there is a lot of walking around or activity required. Further, planning an outing during cold weather could be just as hazardous. Slips and falls are common in icy conditions and exposure to the cold air could be harmful to an elderly client. Finding a happy medium in temperatures and weather conditions is also a key factor in planning a successful outing.
Pack and plan accordingly

Try to plan trips with elderly clients in between times that they take medications. If that is not possible, be sure to pack a bag with the medication in it so that the client can keep on schedule. Bring a light jacket for the client in case they get cold. A bottle of water and some light snacks are also good things to have on hand just in case. Make note of anything the senior might need during the trip. Then you can pack and plan accordingly.

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