When it comes to taking a senior citizen for a doctor visit, a competent, professional caregiver’s role can involve much more than driving the senior to the doctor’s office and waiting outside until the appointment concludes. Since a regular trip to a doctor is one of the most important parts of maintaining good health, the caregiver often has to take an active role during the visit, often accompanying the senior inside the office to make sure the senior understands the physician’s instructions and to serve as liaison between the two. This is important for many reasons.

First of all, there can often be a feeling of anxiety by a senior concerning a doctor visit, especially if there is the presence of a serious medical condition or several different types of medication that are prescribed. Many times, the anxiety can be relieved just by our caregivers listening to the senior’s concerns and providing reassurance. Just by giving a sense of companionship, the caregiver can help the senior understand that there is nothing to fear when consulting with the doctor.

Also, the in home caregiver should be certain that the senior understands what needs to be done between doctor visits. By taking thorough notes, they can sit down with the senior afterwards and review critical points such as what medications are to be taken when and in what quantities, as well as any other necessary aspects of the treatment, such as dietary changes or changing dressings. In addition, by taking thorough notes the caregiver can relay the information on to any family member that may be involved in caring for the senior, so there is no misunderstanding as to what needs to occur.

Finally, a caregiver needs to realize he or she is part of a team and that they need to keep the best interests of the senior at all times. If, for example, the senior does not wish to have them accompany them during the examination, then they should respect the senior’s wishes. This does not mean that the caregiver shouldn’t be involved with the senior’s care. With the senior’s consent, the appropriate notes and medical charts can be delivered to family members, which the caregiver can then help to explain. In home caregivers can make the whole experience of visiting the doctor much more comfortable for a senior.

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