As a person ages, their body’s ability to retain body heat lowers. As a result, many elderly people feel uncomfortably cold even when it is warm outside. One can only imagine then how frigid an elderly person must feel in winter weather! Further, cold weather tends to bring an onslaught of illnesses which the elderly are more susceptible too – sicknesses like the flu or pneumonia. Ice and snow raise the risks the elderly face even higher as tasks that are already difficult, like maintaining balance or safe driving, grow even more challenging and dangerous.

To protect elderly loved ones against the perils of winter weather, one must actively attempt to keep them indoors or else accompanied while outdoors. Some elderly people are insulted by the idea of being ‘babysat’ or ‘cared for’, making the task of protecting them more difficult. However, in winter weather, many elderly people are glad to have company as they don’t feel like facing the bite of low temperatures anyway. If an elderly person does need to go out in winter weather, offers from loved ones to carpool or spend time together often make the potential insult of needing to be protected less harsh.

To tactfully shelter an elderly person from the strenuous conditions of winter weather and feeling uncomfortably cold, give gifts of time together, hot meals shared, or warm clothing or linens. Such gifts are practical and appreciated suggestions that one cares for their elderly loved one but isn’t trying to be overbearing. Patience is of course, another gift one can give to an elderly person, especially in the winter season. Feeling cold when it is apparent that others aren’t as frigid can make one self-conscious, as can being at risk in winter weather. A person patient with a grumpy, self-conscious elder in the winter season warms the heart.