For families that have elderly loved ones, making sure they are safe becomes a full time job. There are options that make caring for an elderly loved one easier on families, but they really never feel fully resolved of the responsibility. One way that families may fill in the caregiving gaps is by hiring personal home health care providers through home health agencies. These home health care providers visit the elderly loved ones in their home and provide them with the basic personal and medical assistance they need on a daily or weekly schedule. Caregivers can also aid the seniors in the event of a fall or other medical emergency that happens during the scheduled visits. Because many of the elderly are able to do some things for themselves, the families do not feel like they have a need for round the clock care. While this may be true, there is still a great need for seniors to be assured of their safety during their caregivers’ off hours.

One way of achieving this is by employing the use of medic alert bracelets and two way medic alert systems. Medic alert bracelets are engraved with a senior’s health condition and is worn at all times. That way, if emergency services are summoned, they will know what the senior’s health condition is in the event that the senior can’t communicate with them.

Two way medic alert systems link the senior and their home to a call processing center. The center is made aware of the senior’s complete medical history, which they keep on file in the event of an emergency. The call centers are alerted via a push button necklace worn by the senior or a two way speaker in the home. Once the alert has sounded, the call center attempts to make contact with the senior to establish what kind of help they need to have summoned. If the call center is unable to make contact with the senior, emergency services are summoned anyway to investigate the situation.

These types of two way systems are not only good in the event of a health emergency, but are also very useful in the event of a fire, damaging storm, or in reporting crimes such as burglaries or assaults. Further, these systems give the families of elderly loved ones the reassurance that help will not be far away from them in the event of an emergency. In turn, the senior feels more self-sufficient and independent, both of which are very important for their mental and physical well-being.

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