The vast majority of senior citizens are taking some type of medication necessary for their well being with 25 percent of them taking more than 3 pills a day. This medication is necessary for their health, yet many seniors do not take their medication as prescribed. This can be for a variety of different reasons, yet can have the same disastrous results.

One way that you can remind your loved one to take their medication is to have a caregiver from an elderly home care service … Like Tender Hearts at Home, Cincinnati.

It can be hard for a senior person to realize that they are reliant on medication when it comes to their health. They may resent the fact that they are getting older and may not take the medication on purpose.  This is where the  senior caregiver comes in. The caregiver can help remind the of their medications and make sure they stay on schedule. In addition, because they are trained and a professional, your parents will be inclined to take their advice. It can be very difficult for parents who once took care of their children to now be in the position where the children are telling them what to do and taking care of them.

Another factor when it comes to taking medication is that elderly patients can often get mixed up when it comes to their medication. A caregiver has a better understanding of how to keep track of prescription medicines and will make it their duty that your mom or dad takes the right doses when needed. Medication management systems are key to making this work.

Taking care of an elderly parent can be a difficult job for busy people today. Naturally, it can be difficult for children to juggle work, family activities and home care for their parents. Simply reminding your loved one to take their medication often does not work. Even children who seldom forget things can get mixed up when it comes to the prescriptions!

In order to make sure your friend or family member are taking the medications they need to maintain their quality of life, it makes sense to use someone from a home health care service to help them with this aspect of their lives. A caregiver can make sure that your parent not only takes the medication as prescribed, but also takes them on the prescribed basis. This can take some of the burden off of you and also make your mom or dad feel more in control of their lives and not feel so reliant on their children.

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