Let’s be honest, through our hectic day; work, house chores or any other personal task, etc, we hardly ever have time to do some exercises. When it come to exercise our body, seniors face other complications. Some of these challenges come down to their physical capacities or health condition. For some of them certain types of exercises are totally prohibited by their GP. For some others exercise is something they do not quite grasp and they do not know that there are exercises that can help them improve their physical condition regardless of their experience or age. That is why we want to share some easy exercises you can practice to reach your daily dosage of exercises.

While trying some of the below exercises make sure you have someone nearby who knows you will be trying some exercising for the first time, drink plenty of fluids and stop immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Wall Push Ups

These ones are much easier than the ones one you do on the floor, plus they have the same results: tone and strengthen the arms and upper body. Performing push ups against a wall are less demanding on your body but still as effective.

Bicep Curls

This kind of exercise work the muscles of the arm. All you need to do to perform this exercise are small weights which can be purchased very cheaply.


Simple stretching can be done even when sitting down. All you have to do is to put your arms over your head and then lower them down to the side. Another exercise is to bend your body from side to side or to extend your legs and then retract them. This exercises will help you to keep a flexible body.

Air boxing

This exercise can also be done while sitting down. As well as the wall push ups it will help you to strengthen the arms and upper body.

Leg Bounces

Leg bounces strengthen your legs. This exercise consists of two steps, the fist one is to have both feet flat on the floor and the second one is to bounce your legs on the ball of the foot so as to have an up an down motion.

Ankle circles

To strengthen the muscles in the lower leg and ankle rotate your feet in small circles. By doing this exercise you are reducing the possibilities of slips and falls due to the balance and stronger legs gained by dong this simple exercise.


The most simple and effective exercise.  Get outside on a nice day and simply go for a stroll through the neighbourhood.  if you are receiving home care then your caregiver can accompany you making it more enjoyable.

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