One of the most stressful jobs around today isn’t found in corporate America. Rather, it’s a job that one in every four Americans wakes up to each morning. Can you guess what it is? It comes with the title “family caregiver”— a role that brings significant rewards and equally significant challenges. Every day, we encounter these family caregivers: people who love and want the best for their aging family members, but don’t know how to fit it all in. For these compassionate people, stress is a constant companion.  

From this interesting article Stress and the family caregiver, come the following interesting, and quite shocking, figures.

Of 8,000 stress-tested caregivers, who were also family members, the following percentages were reported:

  • 91% suffered from anxiety and irritablity.
  • 73% had distured sleep patterns.
  • 56% became sick themselves more frequent.
  • 31% said they needed more help.
  • 25% resented other family members who showed less support.

It is obvious that from these figures and from the rest of the article that not only would the caregiver family members benefit from having outside help but also the elder being cared for would as well.

Being a caregiver is a difficult and demanding job for someone who actually choses to make it their profession….. never mind someone who has a job, their own lives to organise as well and a lack of professional training.

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