Today families are very concerned about making sure that their loved ones are safe. Even though they want the elderly person to be as independent as possible and for as long as they can, families are in their right to worry about their loved one’s safety. For most of us knowing when to intervene in a senior’s  decision to quit driving can be a problem because if we do something before it is needed it can lead to a disappointment state in the senior. On the other hand if we leave it for too late we can face terrible consequences.

By your elderly loved one being able to drive he or she will keep in touch with the family. Seniors may think that they can manage driving by themselves to anywhere they want or need to go, but their families might think that it could be a potential risk for them and others if they are driving when really they should not be doing so. That is why there are some points one should take into account when taking this kind of decision.


Seniors’ vision is one of the factors the family should take into consideration. Does your elderly loved one have a vision problem? If so when they are wearing their glasses does it make a difference?

Pre-existing medical conditions

Take into account medical conditions, if the senior has had any convulsive attack or if he or she is prone to pass out it constitutes a hazard while driving. Some medication can make you feel drowsy or have any other side effect that can make difficult to control a car, so it is important to also consider the medication your loved one is taking.

Mental state

One should make sure that the elderly person still has good mental capacity. Being able to remember what they read or see is a good sign, as well as being able to recognize road signs. On the other hand, when they easily get confused or lost is a bad sign. This can end up in a car crash. If there is a decay in the senior mental capacity driving can become dangerous.

Finally, when the decision has to be made, why not ask the family physician to have a few kind words.  This will make it seem less like a direct attack on their mental or physical abilities.