Walking aids help the elderly with stability so they are able to get around on their own. Keeping the elderly independent with home care walking aids will keep them more agile and feeling self sufficient. Many aids are made heavy duty and high quality from medical walkers, rollators, rolling walkers to canes and crutches.

The rollators will help them walk safely and allow them to sit for a moment when they get tired. Many elderly enjoy being a part of the family activities and with a rollator they can join into the fun. The rollators have wheels and moves as the person walks. It can also come with brakes or a basket under the seat to store needed medications and carry things around for ease. They also fold up for convenience.

Some walkers have two wheels and some have four. The wheels help the elder to move around easier. The ones with no wheels will have to be lifted up a little and moved manually each step. They can have baskets or even a seat on the more heavy duty made walkers. There is also a side walker which is used with one arm. Those would not have wheels but a bag or small basket could be attached to hold light items. Walkers used during home care also fold up so they can be stored easily.

Canes come in many different shapes and styles to make them comfortable while using. Some have adjustments for the height and hand grips that are gel or foam coated for comfort. Walking canes aid in the in home care of the elderly to allow them the freedom to get along on their own. The cane will give them the security of knowing they have the proper support. Handles can be curved or T-shaped and they can be folded up to store away. Some canes also have four little feet at the bottom for more stability.

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