Cooking for one can be challenging and expensive

Motivation to cook a balanced meal for one’s self coupled with the natural physical limitations related to aging can make preparing meals monotonous and even challenging for a senior. Cooking a meal that’s both appetizing and nutritional is quite an undertaking when you figure in the time to prepare an entree and side dishes. Preparing single meals is expensive and wasteful.

Delicious & Nutritious Home Meal Delivery Service

Our meal plans meet the daily recommended nutritional needs of older adults to maintain good health. They are ready to heat in an oven or microwave in minutes and then enjoy.

We provide USDA approved and inspected FRESH food preparation and delivery of nutritionally sound meals. Meals are FRESH (not frozen), ready to heat and eat.

We also have a DIABETIC menu, designed to make it easy for all diabetics to enjoy the convenience of having a fresh meal delivered to their door.

Clients can choose from over 40 different meals (over 30 diabetic) and the meal delivery service will have 7 days of meals delivered every week to your door, FRESH.

Utilizing cutting edge USDA technology, we guarantee 14 days of freshness in a refrigerator with NO added preservatives.

Our meal delivery service deliveries arrive in coolant packed containers the week after an order is placed. You do not have to be home to accept delivery. Click here for more information

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