Are you a caregiver? Helping a loved one or friend by cooking or buying food for them? We have brought you here some interesting information so you, the caregiver, might be able to influence someone’s diet to be more health.

Most of us have struggled with the scales at some point in our lives. We trim calories and fat from our diets, in hopes of combating the Middle Age Spread that just seems to keep spreading and spreading and spreading. Once we reach a certain age, our metabolisms slow down tremendously, which affects the body’s ability to convert the calories we consume into the energy that fuels them. One way to circumvent this is to reduce our daily caloric intake. By consuming less calories than we burn, we are able to shed those extra pounds. However, losing weight isn’t the only health benefit associated with cutting calories.

Researchers at the University of Munster, Germany have found a direct link between consuming fewer calories and a marked improvement in memory function. The findings came during a study comprised of fifty volunteers whose average age was sixty years old. The participants in the study agreed to reduce their daily caloric intake by one third. After a period of three months, the participants were given a test to determine how well they could recall information and words. After comparing the final test scores to the scores of the same test taken at the beginning of the study, researchers discovered that test scores had increased by twenty percent since the caloric intake was decreased.

Aside from the improved memory function, participants in the study also demonstrated a reduced level of blood insulin and also a reduction in the substance C-reactive protein. This protein is a measure of inflammation in the body. Other studies have also shown that a reduction of these substances in the body may help the brain function better over all. The human study was conducted after a similar study was conducted in mice, which produced similar results. Similar studies conducted as far back as the 1980s have shown that a reduction in a person’s daily caloric intake also contributes to a longer life span and a slowing of the aging process.

So what does this mean for those who may be considering reducing their caloric intakes in hopes of enjoying some of these healthy benefits? Researchers and doctors both agree that a slight reduction in caloric intake in all of us would likely do the body good in the physical aspect, regardless of whether the mental benefits of doing so were achieved. However, doctors also warn that already underweight people should not reduce their caloric intakes at all and that doing so could be extremely hazardous to their health.

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